Now, everybody can Invest

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We invest in stock market to beat inflation and earn better returns than fixed deposit and other debt instruments in the long run. There are more than 1600 listed stocks on NSE and around 5000 stocks on BSE.

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Which one would you buy? (Stock picking)

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When will you Buy and Sell? (timing)

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Do you know Fundamental and technical analysis. Do you have the time to learn?

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Just like the number of stocks are many so are the advisors to advise you on stock picking.
Do you know that there are about 668 SEBI registered research analyst and 1248 Investment
advisors? Whom would you trust and listen to?

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And then there are Mutual funds. More than 2500 schemes across 3 basic categories with
more than 25 sub categories. Here again how would you select which active mutual fund to
invest in and when to invest?

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If these and more are the questions preventing you from investing in the stock markets,
then the answers are simple.


Exchange Traded funds (ETF)

A simple and passive investment vehicle to get market returns from Stock markets.
But why only market returns? Why not more? Simply because it is difficult to consistently beat the markets in the long term and even if you do, the risk you have to take are far greater for the difference in return (alpha) that you are trying to earn.

ETF are simply a category of Mutual fund – close ended, listed on the exchange and tracking various market index and assets. They have been around for a long while. More about ETF here.


Trade like Individual Shares


Lowest Transaction Cost


Diversification Made Easy

List of ETFs to Invest

Create a simple and uncomplicated Portfolio of ETF’s tracking the Index and Gold and if you are a little more adventurous add some ETF from Banks too.

Create a systematic investment plan on these ETF to stagger you investments. That way you solve the timing problem. With investment in just these 3 ETF’s you would effectively have created a well-diversified portfolio of more than 70 top stocks in the market. Now that solves your stock picking problem too.

What are you waiting for now. With ETF plus from Tradeplus begin your investment journey – keep it simple

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Schemes Latest Price Asset Size

(Rs. In crores)

Returns in % (as on 18-May-2022)
Asset Size

(Rs. In crores)

1yr 3yr 5yr
Nippon India ETF Nifty Bees 176.05 7,803.48 10.26 13.75 12.59 Trade Now
Nippon India ETF Gold Bees 43.39 6,814.29 3.70 15.44 10.98 Trade Now
Kotak Banking ETF 344.02 7,935.55 2.95 4.88 8.32 Trade Now